Dreams XI

Change is inevitable. Nothing you do will change that. Paradoxically, the inevitability of change is the only thing that doesn't change. Remain static and the world—the universe—moves on without you. I always slip back into this blog with the intention of making it a regular thing, but I typically only find time at the beginning … Continue reading Dreams XI

Dreams X

I haven't had too many memorable dreams of late; however, I did have an odd dream last night that had some strange details I have been able to hang on to into the morning. I have never watched an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I couldn't say with any confidence that I even … Continue reading Dreams X

Dreams IX

I had another traveling dream last night, but this one was significant in its difference from past dreams. In the past, my travel dreams have been about places I know—familiar places just offset from reality by a few clicks. These dreams have a tendency to have a lot of roadblocks and pitfalls. It is in … Continue reading Dreams IX

Dreams VIII

As far as tropes go, the idea of infinite parallel universes is a fairly persistent and timeless one. I mean, paradise, heaven, hell ... alternate universes of a sort. As time and our culture has progressed, the concept has undergone some refinement, from the collection of Star Trek episodes across all series that feature alternate … Continue reading Dreams VIII


Recently, I have had something of a dry spell when it comes to dreams. Perhaps, though, it is just an inability to remember dreams that leaves me without something to explore in waking life. I remember bits and pieces, sometimes just the settings, but no real details. Last night, I know that I dreamed that … Continue reading Nightmares