There are people in this world that make it easy for us to to turn the word "human" into something pejorative. These are the people that would have you believe that selfish pursuits are our pinnacle, that greed and lust for power are virtues. These are people that don't see humanity for what it has … Continue reading Vestiges

Day Thirty-Five – The Everlasting Mister Rolo

Record 2 – Pushing Daisy The building was small and tucked between more architecturally pleasing constructions. It was bare – grey and featureless, save a small logo positioned haphazardly just next to the building’s single door. When Rolo had first been contracted to perform services for Ulysses Robotics, he had difficulty finding the location. He … Continue reading Day Thirty-Five – The Everlasting Mister Rolo

Day Thirty-Four – The Mysterious Flamingo of the Tundra

They say space ruins relationships. I believe it. I’m not talking about personal space, even though they might be. I don’t mean that his demand for guy time away from her coupon clipping is the spark or spur to the inevitable divide. I don’t suggest that two people perpetually intertwined for twenty-four hours out of … Continue reading Day Thirty-Four – The Mysterious Flamingo of the Tundra

Dreams XI

Change is inevitable. Nothing you do will change that. Paradoxically, the inevitability of change is the only thing that doesn't change. Remain static and the world—the universe—moves on without you. I always slip back into this blog with the intention of making it a regular thing, but I typically only find time at the beginning … Continue reading Dreams XI

Dreams X

I haven't had too many memorable dreams of late; however, I did have an odd dream last night that had some strange details I have been able to hang on to into the morning. I have never watched an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I couldn't say with any confidence that I even … Continue reading Dreams X

Dreams IX

I had another traveling dream last night, but this one was significant in its difference from past dreams. In the past, my travel dreams have been about places I know—familiar places just offset from reality by a few clicks. These dreams have a tendency to have a lot of roadblocks and pitfalls. It is in … Continue reading Dreams IX


I don't really have time to write this right now, but there's a buzzing in my head. I need it to go away, and I know this will do the trick. There is an increasing amount of anxiety building up within me right now for a number of reasons. In the past, this anxiety would … Continue reading Update

Dreams VIII

As far as tropes go, the idea of infinite parallel universes is a fairly persistent and timeless one. I mean, paradise, heaven, hell ... alternate universes of a sort. As time and our culture has progressed, the concept has undergone some refinement, from the collection of Star Trek episodes across all series that feature alternate … Continue reading Dreams VIII