Nightmares V

Again with the vivid…

Evidence seems overwhelming that my changing positions during sleep due to my bruised ribs are causing more vivid and sustained dreaming. I have yet to have a night since the accident that I don’t have some epic, wildly vivid dream. There’s still a chance that it could be due to the blow to the head. Weird shit seems to be happening to me. I also started reading House of Leaves this week, and nothing seems real though all of it seems connected absurdly. Stay tuned for more on that…

The last couple of nights have had me questioning whether or not all my dreams and nightmares have been occurring only at night in the dream world, but last night’s dream confirmed I do actually dream not only of day, but of the sun.

Motherfucking Kaiju, man…

When I was a kid, I’d have the occasional Godzilla dream. Deep booming footsteps rattling houses. Giant reptilian feet crashing down through houses and the like. Sometimes the creature would never really appear, I would just hear and feel the footsteps, and I would know it was coming.

I watch a lot of Tokusatsu. I’m currently working through the Daimajin trilogy of films, but Godzilla, Ultra Q, and Ultraman are mainstays in my ever changing streaming schedule. I’ve loved Godzilla since I was a kid, but only recently really got obsessed with watching ALL THE THINGS.

This dream started in the daytime, in a rock quarry. Piles of rocks littered the landscape, along with giant construction vehicles and apparatuses like conveyor belts and crushers. The opening of the dream is lost to me, but I recall that not long into it a massive T-Rex-like creature was stalking and attacking myself and several other human through the quarry.

A specific scene I recall from the early dream is me looking up at the sun, and seeing this creature come into view over me, blocking the star’s light.

There was a lot of running and near misses. I climbed equipment, hid in tractor cabs, sought safety in temporary trailers. The only working strategy for me was to run toward other groups of people and draw the creature toward them. The creature would attack/eat those people instead of me in those situations, but would always eventually come after me again.

The rest of this portion of the dream has faded from my memory, but the last scene I remember is me frantically crawling up a conveyor belt as the creature attacked its supports, knocking me from it to a large rock pile.

At some point the scene switched to a large metropolitan area, shadowed greatly by the massive skyscrapers on every block.

Apparently, I worked as an executive in one of these buildings. I was wearing a nice suit, carrying a briefcase, and was leaving the office for the day, casually saying goodbye to co-workers as I exited the building to the parking garage.

As I walked to my car, I felt a boom in the distance, and a deep vibration from the ground. I stopped and waited for what I knew was coming next. Another boom, closer, and a stronger vibration. Sirens began to sound in the distance, and people were running out of their skyscrapers to see what was happening.

I knew what was happening.

An older gentleman who was walking by, using a cane for support, asked me, “What do you think it is?”

“A motherfucking kaiju, man,” I replied. I then set down my briefcase on the ground and opened it.

Inside, a motherfucking Ultraman mask.

And to my greatest displeasure… I woke up.

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