Dreams X

I haven’t had too many memorable dreams of late; however, I did have an odd dream last night that had some strange details I have been able to hang on to into the morning.

I have never watched an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I couldn’t say with any confidence that I even know the basics synopsis of the series. I do surf reddit frequently, so I do pick up some things.

In my dream last night, I was dimly aware, in the third person, that the world I was in was the same one depicted in the series. There were two young warriors fighting a third entity in a small wooden hut like you might see depicted in an American show about the Far East. The two warriors, one in blue and one in red were losing their battle against the third, who appeared to possess superhuman speed.

Suddenly, another male burst through the door of the hut, hovering slightly above the ground. He unleashed a blast of light blue magic which hit the “bad guy” in the back. The blast stopped the fight momentarily and the bad guy turned to face the magic user. The bad guy’s face had no eyes, only a mouth and sharp teeth. The magic user gasped and quickly floated out of the hut.

I believe I woke briefly at this point, and when I found myself dreaming again I was in a large throne room. A king and queen stood on a dais in front of their respective thrones, but a pillar separated them from my perspective. They were searching for one another, each looking away from the pillar that separated them by mere feet.

Around the throne room, various nobles and dignitaries looked around confused, seemingly realizing that if they just looked around the pillar, they’d find each other. There was a cat person wearing plaid tunic who looked at me and shrugged.

The king and queen eventually found each other and embraced and then I woke up.

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