Dreams VIII

As far as tropes go, the idea of infinite parallel universes is a fairly persistent and timeless one. I mean, paradise, heaven, hell ... alternate universes of a sort. As time and our culture has progressed, the concept has undergone some refinement, from the collection of Star Trek episodes across all series that feature alternate … Continue reading Dreams VIII

Day Thirty-Three – The Mysteries of Porcine Aeronautics and You

I've not written an Inner Wild piece in a while. I'm not sure where this fits, or what planet this is on, or who Meretricious Mandy really is. I just know she's a Solarian, and I know why they call her Meretricious Mandy. --- Limping back from a long day on the hunt, Meretricious Mandy … Continue reading Day Thirty-Three – The Mysteries of Porcine Aeronautics and You

42 V

I suppose I drifted off there for a bit. Life is currently taffy being pulled on a hook—sometimes I'm piled on, stuck in place and frozen between layers just right on the hook, and sometimes I'm on the stretchy bit and time slips away into distance. Something I feel I need to voice is this … Continue reading 42 V