Dreams II

I didn’t dream as much last night. I took an Inositol just before going to bed, and while I could see the slight visual effect it tends to give me, it took entirely too long to go to sleep. I tossed and turned once I did, and even had to get up a few times from paranoia. So, overall not a good night for dreaming and remembering.

The Band Hall and the Saxophones – I often have recurring dreams about the High School band hall. I spent so much time there, I guess it’s no wonder. Mr. Stephens was there in the dream this time and gave me a saxophone with a rotten mouthpiece and no reed. I wasn’t allowed to enter the main band hall this time, but I knew the band was there practicing. Strangely enough, this is not the first time I’ve dreamed about the band hall, but only been allowed in the hallway outside Mr. Stephens office. It was not a long dream.

My Father and more masks – More facemasks this time. The dream started with me outside in the backyard of the house I grew up in. It seemed to be around the time I had moved by in with my dad after the divorce. He was still telling me what to do, and the dream started that way. He was calling me into the garage to some chore, and I instead walked toward the dent in the yard where the access to the drain pipe was. There were two pencils there on a piece of cardboard next to the pipe endcap. Both were naked wood, but one was broken. I took the unbroken one, though its significance beyond my taking it was never fleshed out. In the garage, my father was explaining something to me, and I noticed he wasn’t wearing a mask. I mentioned it to him, and he waved it off. He soon left me there alone in the house, and the last bit I remember is that I had a new mask I was trying on. It was blue, and complicated. There was a mouthpiece inside the mask that you bit down on like a scuba mouthpiece. I remember nothing after that.

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