I dream vividly. Some time ago, I wrote a post about the persistent world of my dreams where locales seem to have some stasis. I can revisit certain places, which are a distortion of real places. I have a good dream memory, and I think the repetition of these locales is either a result of it, or my good memory is a result of these easily identifiable anchor points. Last night, I had a series of vivid dreams, mostly revolving around school and going back (for the millionth time). I’ve decided to keep track of these dreams, as they’ve become more vivid recently. I’ve changed people’s names in the descriptions that follow.

Junior High, Masks, Suzie and Bridgette, The Faculty Office and Mom – Mom was helping me get registered? I was anxious to leave and was frustrated with her. She shouldn’t have been there helping, but I think she was still an employee of the school district to some effect. That is why we were allowed in the faculty office, which seemed a combination of the High School office and the Faubion library.  I had noticed no one was wearing masks. This is the first time that covid-19 has appeared in my dreams. It was never explicitly explained that covid was the reason we were wearing masks, but I knew that’s what it was in the dream. Later, more people were wearing masks, and mine was malfunctioning. I couldn’t figure out how to wear it. It was like cotton that had disintegrated. Walking through the halls, I was outside the Faubion office, just outside the doors that lead into the auditorium. I recognized Suzie and she was older, like today’s age but still child sized. Bridgette was a teen and she was happy to see me. She apologized for something I didn’t understand. Suzie was crying, visibly upset with something having to do with me. I realized that to be at school, I’d need a schedule, and when I thought to go get one from the office, I realized I was in Junior High and awareness of the dream pulled me out of it.

Alyson’s House –  Alyson and I were in her room. It seemed liked there was no one there, but soon there was a lot of noise from one of the other rooms. She wanted me to meet everyone, but half the house had fallen away into some sinkhole. As I was attempting to climb a dirt wall up into the kitchen, we reversed course and returned to the hallway outside Alyson’s room. The house had since become full of Alyson’s white thug friends who were intimidating. Alyson began to take off her clothes in the hallway, changing into an outfit that was in a dresser in the hallway as people walked by us. She was never naked though, she was actually removing whole chunks of her body, like plastic modules fitting over a frame – she fit together like Lego. I woke up out of this dream.

The School Courtyard, the Fuselage, and the Plant Bandits, The Bully and His Brother – Back in school, I’ve befriended a younger kid. He reminds me now of a kid I had in my group when I was a camp counselor. I can tell that I’m an adult, but I’m there anyway. The kid has a brother that is a violent bully, he reminds me of the guy from Letterkenny. He pulls me aside and into an empty room where he offers me a cigarette, but tries to stick the lit end in my mouth aggressively. I suddenly have a knife in my hands, but it’s a strange shape, like a shiv carved out of a butter knife. I threaten him and he backs off. I am initiated into some type of gang and they tattoo my face, though I never see what it is. When I finally leave the room, the younger brother is there and he ignores me. Some BASF videocassettes fall out of his bag. I can’t tell if I can see the letters BASF or if the general color and layout of the artwork is just suggestive of it. I walk through the halls with a cigarette, but have no way to light it. I wonder if I’ll get caught as I remember there is no smoking on school grounds. Eventually I end up in the courtyard, slightly modified and larger version of the Faubion courtyard, and disaster has struck. An airplane’s fuselage which had previously been used as a classroom on top of the school has fallen from it’s perch. The fuselage seems familiar, like I’ve seen it atop a building before somewhere else in real life, but i can’t place it. There have been explosions and I wonder if the black teacher that taught class in the fuselage is okay. The ground has buckled and broken around the courtyard and parts of the plane are sticking out of the dirt. I then notice that some type of bandits have taken over the courtyard. The fuselage’s destruction is their doing. They carry guns that shoot thorns. I am hit, but managed to wrestle a gun from one of the bandits, who are all dressed in leafy armor and are emerging from the ground. I begin to attack the bandits with their own weapons and am successful in fending them off for a bit before I am pulled out of the dream. I remember thinking that being an adult, the kids might mistake me for a bandit, but since I am shooting bandits with the gun I have stolen, they may think I’ve defected. Am I a traitor? TRAITOR!

The Room with Invisible Walls – I end up in a familiar room. At first, I notice a window is open and I attempt to close it, only to notice that the screen is open as well. This is disturbing to me. I’m not sure if I make the connection in the dream or not, but afterwards I recognize the feel of the dream as one with the werewolf. I’m in the invisible room that no one can see but me, and the walls are transparent so that I can see outside. The walls switch from transparent to wooden and opaque. I can’t tell if I’m controlling its visibility or not. I’m trying to go to sleep on a bed in the room, but the window and the screen are keeping me from it. I think that someone has found a way into the room without me knowing. There is a moment of recognition in the surroundings, such as a dog in a fenced in pen just outside the room. It is reminiscent of Wortham dreams, and Lisa’s presence is felt, but I never see her.

Family House and the Deer – I end up in a community house. I recognize it as a place I’ve stayed temporarily before. There are towels and curtains in place of a door that leads into a larger open room where doors lead to other rooms and a community bathroom. It’s smacks of family, and a woman is bragging about some animal she’s found or bought. The woman is either my aunt or Kirstie’s aunt, and the animal is a deer, a fawn actually. There are dogs too, but the deer doesn’t seem to be affected by their presence.

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