42 V

I suppose I drifted off there for a bit. Life is currently taffy being pulled on a hook—sometimes I'm piled on, stuck in place and frozen between layers just right on the hook, and sometimes I'm on the stretchy bit and time slips away into distance. Something I feel I need to voice is this … Continue reading 42 V


Recently, I have had something of a dry spell when it comes to dreams. Perhaps, though, it is just an inability to remember dreams that leaves me without something to explore in waking life. I remember bits and pieces, sometimes just the settings, but no real details. Last night, I know that I dreamed that … Continue reading Nightmares

42 IV

In this, my 42nd year of existence as a human being, I'm dedicating myself to charging forward randomly into new frontiers of discovery about myself and the rest of the universe. I've decided that I've spent enough of my life observing and processing what's been going on around me that I've grown a bit restless. … Continue reading 42 IV

42 III

When I started this blog, it was dedicated mostly to my fiction pieces that were expendable. I didn't really have any full investment of time in them—most were written in one sitting from random topics or fleeting visions. I interjected a few rants, some personal entries, maybe a review or two. For the most part, … Continue reading 42 III

42 II

When I realized my 42nd birthday was coming up, I decided I wanted to do something to mark the occasion while paying tribute to Douglas Adams, whose novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, of which "42" has become synonymous with, also turned 42 this year. The novel, which I didn't read until after I … Continue reading 42 II


Today was intended to be different. It had been my plan to be about 14,000 feet above sea level in the San Juan Mountains right now, but this has been a strange year so far. Like many people out there right now, my plans have changed. Alas, chaos. Today wasn't going to be just about … Continue reading 42

Day Thirty-Two – Rabbits and Other Lies (or, Rockclimbing for Krakens)

After seventeen weeks of unemployment, and numerous hours of standing in lines at the LRC recruitment facility, Ken Baxter has given up. The Labor Replacement Corps have denied his entry into their ranks, citing over-qualification and a full roster of specialists in his field. "I didn't want to be a Lurker anyway," he tells the … Continue reading Day Thirty-Two – Rabbits and Other Lies (or, Rockclimbing for Krakens)

Day Thirty – Quality Stock Tips From an Okapi (or, Mr. China Has Seven Splinters)

--- TRecTm5.2218.14.11.x.x Rprt -22.22.511. Earth Interplanetary Logistics and Colonization - Robotic Recon Team - Report - Assmt. 17501.R.TR73 ||\\|| BEGIN REPORT ||\\|| WRECKAGE OF ARTEMIS LANDER : MSN TtnRcn2203 : CONFIRMED ENVIRONMENT SEALS BROKEN ID OF FOUR OF FIVE TEAM MEMBERS CONFIRMED DOCTOR ABRAHAM TOLLE: DECEASED, BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA PTY OFR RAYMOND GILFREY: DECEASED, CAROTID … Continue reading Day Thirty – Quality Stock Tips From an Okapi (or, Mr. China Has Seven Splinters)

Day Twenty-Nine – Papercut Moseby’s Left Withered

There is darkness and sound--a repetitive thud and scraping of metal. I feel heat radiating around me, and I feel trapped and claustrophobic. I cannot move my body more than a few inches in any direction. There are walls surrounding me, lined with soft silk. I feel myself pressed against a cushion to my back--laying … Continue reading Day Twenty-Nine – Papercut Moseby’s Left Withered