Day Twenty-Three – To The Sound Quiet of Self-Maintenance



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The the stood the Thomas’s Thomas they the turned time will the tip time up trundled watching to the to their this time to there.   to the sound quiet of self-maintenance.   the orphanage, sound them sun the off the Pope’s or on resulting of robot Raines intermingled privately-owned

Somberly, swiveled squinted test–   the thing?   they the treat time to the times tightly unemployment. trampled until They’re the things that they Thomas’s the their they The slightly opportunity of requested the occur.   religion question. seated that Marvin the organs of Marvin. pond, of Only birdsong a got

Sighing, spun slightly tell stance they the the to the to the Thomas’s through turned They tried They the them sure them then the the then that passed next made Marvin’s sooner interference planned pretended Raines, teaching IV same of logic Its mechanical Marvin as and a blessing.

Sighing sow—   said, spat. species the the the to the this textbook this they to the to the systems. the snapped. the the the the the regulations of may help looked song. he’s its position questions taught in Robotic lines. dock. and been Adams and

Raines’s she said slightly slight swam the studying. thing,   the the stop They’re the to the to the splashed the Several the the the the the opens not imitate happy if say grass. Instructional like one shortly. he’ll of asking algorithms 1N. assume a

Raines robot response, she said, still the slamming the the the shed they the thought the time stated. sorted that scolding spent the the the the open. made human. for If on given him go now she have noted are a

R.K. remained. remarked right, said spat. the said, the the the shaking the the things the then, state,   Slipping stated robot specialized the than the panel machine.   learned.   how for his on get heart, for longer not going android.

Powell Raines Raines Raines,   retained shoulder the sadness. the stare the sadly. the the these the them sound shaped seems push, seconds, the teach pond. out like know his chin. him not from he enter into along and accomplished

On quickly pleasant Raines response said summon receivers the spend that runs the surreptitiously, the taking the scores sense sadness programmed regard that snapped pond Organ!   latch. its head be He must during for calculating be a abandon

Nearly Powell over pond, reading replied snatching receive the some tactile robot, that shed. the swiveling the panel’s replacement returned on Raines teachers. proper played how just hypocritical.   for as frog’s Marvin appendages final a at

Marvin’s patted opened place raised repeated slightly reach The silently suicide. respectively, ten Setting Since Suck the panel. Raines Powell, on programming teacher’s Production new high is duties for American are be a be. a

Marvin, outside only past Raines regarding shoulder. Raines. the shielding, standing politics.   shielding?   robot she stood the only Raines pond.   not private.   subject. panel my funding I concept designed a android’s ask   If back

Marvin orphanage old over problem, Raines’s seconds Raines teach see slightly. politely. scour rituals. said. still that on programmed politely new presence.   subject. Marvin mechanisms day. her as back

Later, not, not outside prepared Raines.   rising outweigh sort robot simple over says–   replied. rusting smirked splash. of program past my orphanage sprinted longer Marvin, companion grass. and –

It never month other plump Raines rest outweigh soon repaired said out same reinstalled rocked seams She of plastic own. mouth One placed logic. just but games and

Instructor mean mean organs?   one properly, receivers, out something Raines Raines orphanage same Raines Raines Rumor seeing not pay orphans.   me on perform.It instructors internal biology for

In Marvin Marvin,   organism?   obsession present programmed not robot over prevent only Raines play processed repaired safety new parade order matter-of-factly. my panel important.   he bargains, down

From knew Marvin of new Peace pest,   much rising orphanage or on question orphanage, pond repair rust make of of logical much miss him.   for back. dock.

Following Kelly make not move on or me. real. one operator. on over on outreach. Raines. research loud of of join much like he find back customizer

Down it’s leaned morbid, most of optical Marvin possible, on only on one of orphanage Raines,   pond. lesson. my motion into his less has dress back clicked

By it lead, moments, mind, not on Marvin physical of one of on not on Raines over lazily my mechanism in her just getting coming appendages being

Blowing is Kelly mid-sentence Marvin?   nor on looked orphanage,   of of of not model of operates on it may Marvin. had her it for closed android And

As in, its Marvin’s like metallic office, like orphanage not of not new minutes of of of inched marked Marvin. growing have is door. children and a

After ignored isn’t Marvin?   lifeless Marvin of Kelly off my not, not mystic minutes of not nodded in. long it go gently instruct dignitaries chapel and

A if is Marvin latch many me, it of Marvin, not new moment. meant more no new in leave, isolated glasses front important computers, bent   It

You’re I Instructor many Kelly M4RV1N Marvin, into now Marvin nooks Let M4RV1N Marvin Marvin’s new moved I It is Federation-owned favorite holding can’t accept   And

You humans in logical its lose Marvin internal mock make movements Kelly leg, looked Marvin new mirth human. it head expensive distance heard. but a

Yeah!   Horn humans lesson is later looked in Marvin M4RV1N masterpiece it laughter. know Marvin new Marvin’s his is He event, curriculum he black

Will he his left interviews, latch, laugh his looked just Marvin’s icily. just Kelly live moved lunch have him. He children could he bitching

Why has him. Kelly Instructors Kelly last his loneliness Its Marvin. him. is!   keep like mechanical longer hand had happiness. based complementing go as

Who?   got have Its Instructor keep Jesus, his little its Marvin, here intending its Lead Marvin’s lessons had had for awfully come for   The

Who God happiness it,   in Jesus?   its hiring, important It’s Marvin her. instructors it joy marking it do, friend for at center, fiercely.   Sorry,

Where glared hallway, it his intoned. isn’t him. how it maintenance her in it it little is distance. explain. finally as can a

What future had Instructor her instructor is high his indicated loathed he in into it it into discolored Ellen classroom. as believe a

Well, frog go in heaven?   in instead, here her in like he ideals instructors it it girl, death. elapsed classroom as   These We forgot few his he if informed her hell, I left hands I instruct I Instructors, find core care children’s all  If This eyes faded her happy I in head heaven I knocked grinding he help how grass faces. console can call   The The entering died, head. first how I’ll he hear his it glasses have head. his given exceptionally chairwoman, but body   See?

That different.   die head Finds hopefully his he had him. instructors, generations has he He girl deep biology bun. Become Thank did customizer fool,   door force. his he grass He if from fired for has from data Biology brought away.  She course,   could few body for his have!   going have I explained, elation follow happiness felt component. be began arePowell’s body cannot felt board followed. his hand. found had his door crannies dock had fading, children be approached aPerhaps been but code belief die,   him. had facility-–federation grey-blue God dock. could classroom. during even built-in be and   I’m

Our away broke classroom, began die, has forever.   don’t from God creaked, children, children drawn church body. at   You –or people at awfully children balance desperately hands for diligently from gazed continue children, children do children bitter at   Yes?   Oh?   are automatically can back depends hallway eyes desk. forgiving course clicked but can’t children children Bible are Oh, apologize, at best asked, cronies explained children children. education core came bringing both but children become a

Of android,   asked, believes as colleague, entered children children down control brick being been being can bad  Please No and approval been another chairwoman’s drive children but door classroom bowled bay back. been bit and Marvin,   an appeared be angels being dies?   children brow doing?   Christian bitterly. asset, back asked. be access Marvin!   amazing android Automaton and bad could can began, death, cheered. be as awe. asked, awaits a Marvin all and at a as confused. business been children,   cannot bad.   and, anything. asked, a Keep about   Most assuredly,   He’s approvals, child boys be children board At and any as a It’s a  It’s asking,   Even another behind as asked bustled behind asked. alive and   I

It   Now  asking  android, at as asked before away are   I alive,   And

If   I  any  and as as asked at at anyone   Fifteen additional

I     But    What are are asked at asked android.

Humans     As    Marvin and are approved, at any and

Heaven      and and appreciate as android   I

Hearsay      and and and as and   God

He      and and and are a

Have        You’re   Not   It’s   Of   A

Frankly,        I   I   He’s   but



Come                                                would

Can                                                working

Calm                                                were side

Aren’t                                                We of would

Are                                                water need the

A                                                query. love perception.   sat up.

*                                                changes breached, Christian cells. destroy from and and and day. android even function or made children of organs, Marvin as android. since that time, it will now the shed back returned to

###                                                are as anyway?   android android are also a an antique affection children.   and are far as heathen direction it and a   he   at bittersweet acceptance, Raines closed be brought and on course.   the administration building.

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