Slayer of the Winter, art thou here again?


I’ve never been a January resolutionist.

I mean, honestly, I’ve tried, I just fail repeatedly.

There’s something overly oppressive about January and February that just impedes progress for me. Perhaps it’s the cold, the fewer hours of sunlight, or the usual gap between holidays that afford me a day off from work and school.

Most of the things I set out to do in January don’t actually get done until March, and then I can stay pretty consistent. So, I’ve decided to be a March resolutionist instead.

March is the slayer of Winter, it brings the first teases of spring. Temperatures may rise into the seventies, but could just as easily dip to freezing. March brings the hope of Spring more than any other month, and not just because we have an arbitrary “First Day of Spring” in March.

Perhaps it is this hope of Spring that makes March an appropriate time for me to embark upon new quests. As the rest of nature begins to waken from its Winter slumbers, so do I begin to stir, to imagine, to create.

Last year, my only “resolution”, if you want to call it that, was to start lifting weights regularly. I’m happy to say I’ve succeeded in maintaining that habit. I’ve hit the gym 3 to 4 times a week for an entire year now (with an occasional miss due to illness, injury, or vacation).

This year I would like to attempt to do something a bit different.

I like schedules, and I like randomness. My forays into computer programming have given birth to a new facet of my obsessiveness, and now I have this idea that I can program my entire life, down to the hour at least. I want to pursue that idea, and I think I’ll share a bit of that here with you.

Also, I’ve been writing very little. While this mostly has been caused by an increase in time spent doing homework or with Kelly, it also has been due to poor task management. Why would I spend an hour writing a paragraph of a novel or short story when I can easily watch an episode of Doctor Who, or play Elite Dangerous?

This March I intend to reclaim my creative tendencies and return to that world which I have created in my mind.

Additionally, I intend to broadcast my journey through this universe through more than just this blog, not just to be seen, but to be recorded. So much of my life has passed by that I can’t remember in clear focus anymore. Technology has given us the reliquary of our dreams, our journeys, and our triumphs. I intend to use what it has given me.

If you have followed me up to this point, you’ll notice I’ve pulled all my posts from the past. Don’t worry, I haven’t erased them. I intend to revisit every post in turn, reworking some of the weaker fictions, and amended my rants where my ideas at the time no longer match my current philosophy.

I hope you decide to continue to tune in.

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