Day Two – Seguidilla


Extra legs do not make a better dancer.

Did you know that dinosaurs are just a figment of your imagination? Do you realize that the Fornax Cluster is just a carefully orchestrated ruse to confuse you into thinking that the Earth is not the center of the universe? The twinkle is a lie.

We feel comfortable with our answers for a great number of life’s questions, but one still bugs us: should you be exposed to ontology before mathematics? Numbers bewilder us. We embrace eternity, and so we find difficulty in accepting whole numbers. What is “one” in a universe where infinite smallness is a possibility? Where is fallacy in infinite potential?

We despise postcard wisdom, especially when used to base one’s entire approach to life on a purple monkey dishwasher method of education.

We believe that a meaningful life is achieved through constant movement and frequent change. Why strive for destination, a stasis reached and a position maintained, when all of the universe is laid out before us as an endless  mutable journey?

We are custodians of nature. We accept that we live in a miniscule fragment of the universe, and that the future may well reveal that there are greater evils than ourselves to overcome in the vast expanse of space. We are proponents of the endless pursuit of knowledge without boundary, we believe in a better tomorrow, whether we are there to witness it or not. We are futurists and visionaries, not concerned with forcing the universe to fit into our views, but adjusting our views to encompass the ever-changing universe.

We are neither afraid of the dance, nor of death, for within all of us is energy that binds us to infinity. We are the children of stars, and we are alive in the same profound and glorious structure of the cosmos.

We believe in infinity, and we believe in Iguanodons.

We are Human. Period.

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