Day Three – Put On Your Corporate Oligarchy Homburg, and Give Us a Grin


If automobiles are passing you on the right hand side, you could very well be in the wrong lane.

If automatons are passing you, you do not live on our planet.

There are days when I find it difficult to coax the word onto the screen. If this were 1953, I would find myself staring blankly at a blank piece of paper stuck in a typewriter on a blank desk in a room with blank walls. I would likely have a cigarette in my mouth with two inches of ash hanging precariously from a dead butt. I would have a sharp haircut, a sharp shirt, and a loose bottle rattling around a carpet full of wadded paper and needles.

This day, the one met with biting wind and the promise of tardy trash trucks, is not one of those days.

I am learning Spanish, and I say this knowing I have not actually initialized the Rosetta Stone program I now have installed on my computer. I am also taking a computer class at Harvard. That is not a lie, just a clever manipulation or omission of certain portions of the truth. On my desk is a lengthy text on Integral Logistics Management that I intend to read. I am one hundred pages away from completing The Eye of the World, which you will notice I have italicized to annoy you. I have reached the year 1971 in my attempt to read the entire Marvel continuum starting in the Silver Age. Excelsior! Of the mainstream titles, I have missed “zero” issues – notice I placed unnecessary quotation marks around zero, the same word which I have now italicized.

I believe that you cannot learn math without taking a firm stance on the ontological system of your choice. You cannot learn physics without math, chemistry without physics, biology without chemistry, or how to rule lesser humans without biology. And where would you be without our beloved Sol beyond?

The human operating system must have been built by Apple. So much wasted processing time and so little customization. If you cannot make Windows into R. Daneel Olivaw, then you simply do not understand how to operate complicated machinery. I do not break into your house in the wee hours of the morn and pretend my life is better than yours because I know how to properly pronounce anisotropy, all the while not having a clue as to what it actually means. And, you make believe you are actually a pedant, when in all actuality, you are a vapid waste of electric impulses.

What did the pedant say to the polymath? They both make lovely notes.

Bing, again!

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