Post-pressed Decompression

When I’m Freshly Pressed, I feel like I have to start over. I don’t dislike the publicity, I just feel like suddenly hundreds of people have walked in during Act V of my masterpiece with thirty minutes left to go until the curtain drops.

If you’re new here, you probably came in on the My Life Story boat. Let me tell you, I was surprised that Orphic Distraction got the Freshly Pressed nod at all. I hate writing about myself. You won’t find a lot of who I really am here – I avoid the subject.

My “Who Am I?” page changes daily.

I like to write in circles.

I wish you had been here earlier. I had tea, and now I’ve poured it out.

This blog is just a tensor field. And you are spoiled grapes in Euclidean Space.

I quote Sly and the Appeal to the Stone by stating: ‘I refute it thus.”

I refute it thus.

There is no place for place here, though all things have their place, even place.

And I leave you with …



4 thoughts on “Post-pressed Decompression

  1. I love your first paragraph here and now have me thinking of this in a new light. I am, of course, a new follower thanks to your last Freshly Pressed (and congratulations by the way) but I have been reading your blog and simply enjoy your style. Understanding that one post does not define an entire blog, I can say I look forward to future posts.

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