Salvatore Ambulando’s Detritus

With November fast approaching, I’ve decided to piece together a collection of my works and self-publish.

I do this as an exploration of method, not as an attempt to defy the odds and make my fortune or become famous through self-publishing. If it were a serious attempt at publication, it wouldn’t be called Detritus.

The collection’s official title will be : Salvatore Ambulando’s Detritus

I will not explain the meaning of the title. There is no meaning. ; F

You are not me, and I am a strange man with an inappropriately obscure intent.

As I work on piecing together the collection, I will be reworking a good deal of material that you may have already seen here, or on a past blog if you’ve followed me this far.

My intent is to post a story from the collection weekly until publication is imminent – free for you for a week, then available only in the collection.

Additionally, should you happen to be an artist of skill, or even lack thereof, and you wish to create a one-page illustration for a story you like, I’d be happy to put it in the collection with credits. If not, I will be commissioning an artist for both the cover and each story just before publication.

Your reactions are welcomed, critical or otherwise.

First piece follows … now.




4 thoughts on “Salvatore Ambulando’s Detritus

  1. Nice! I’m glad you came to a decision on whether or not to self publish. Also, it’s funny that you had to defend yourself on why you chose to self publish. I find myself doing the same thing a lot of the time.

      • No, definitely not. But I have heard good things about CreateSpace, which is an arm of amazon. Are you looking to market it too so more people pick it up, or just publish and be done? Because that’s a whole different playing field in and of itself…

      • Well … of course I’d love for more people to read it, but that’s neither my style nor my goal. I consider these stories throw-aways and editing them to make them pretty for a collection is really just to occupy time until NaNoWriMo, when I’ll be completing the last 50,000 or more words of the novel I’ve written the last two years.

        Still, you never know.

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