It’s Away!

Well, there’s another short story off to meet its fortunes. I’m channeling Asimov – only I’m not nineteen, this isn’t the pulp era, and I’m not a supergenius.

Maybe I should try harder. It just seems to me that I spend entirely too little time writing, and yet I still manage to roll out material that is passable. Story of my life, I guess. Too old to rock ‘n roll, too young to die … wait, that’s not what I was going to say. Damn Jethro Tull on a 6:00am commute. I think what I was going to say is that I realize my potential, but I’m not sufficiently motivated to actively unleash it. Who knows what might happen, right? I could turn into a gigantic ass – or maybe I’m already a gigantic ass and it will just be visible to the rest of the world.

Epic ipseity is a problem. And by that I mean infinite selfhood and individuality is a problem, not this blog. I just finished reading Destination:Void by Frank Herbert. What a difficult read, but totally worth my time. You know an author has done well when half of the science is way over your head, but in the end you still know what happened.

I still have three stories out to contests, In Which the Automaton Finds Peace, Pushing Daisy, and Happy Faces. These are all robot stories. IWTAFP is an homage to Asimov. I knew that when I wrote it, but I didn’t realize just how much an homage it was until I started reading The Complete Robot. Pushing Daisy is more my style – its almost funny, but then you realize its really black, like drinking fruit juice and slowly realizing its blood, that half-empty laugh as the taste buds register. Happy Faces was my attempt to introduce some weird technology into the universe and see how humans might misuse it. Happy Faces is actually a sequel to Pushing Daisy, but I’ve never pitched them that way. Both stand on their own – they just fit nicely together.

I still have a third story in mind to round out the Pushing Daisy/Happy Faces series. It’s about psychopaths, pedophiles, and video games – you’ll like it.

And, if you’re curious about the progress on my novel … well, it’s about to ramp up again. You see, I wrote the first third of the novel way back in November of 2011. When I started the second third of the novel the following year, the idea had developed further and much of what had happened in the first third has become obsolete. I have not rewritten that portion of the novel. So, now, as I begin to gather notes for the commencement of the third and final portion of the novel, I find myself with a difficult choice.

Should I go back and rewrite the first two thirds before I attempt to bring the novel to a close? Most assuredly, even as the conclusion forms in my head, I realize that much of the second third of the novel is obsolete … so why would I write a conclusion when the first two thirds are no longer directly feeding into that conclusion? Conundrum much.

I also have some other ideas up my sleeves, plus a few crazy projects. For example, my girlfriend loves for me to tell her the Marvel story as I read it. If you didn’t know, I’m reading the Silver Age of Marvel currently from Fantastic Four #1 onwards. It’s been a difficult ride, but well worth it. I just reached February 1970 and I consider that quite an achievement. Anyway, my girlfriend loves the story, but doesn’t like reading comics. I understand. So, I suggested that I take my notes (I’ve kept a list of every issue released by Marvel since 1961 within the main Earth-616 continuity and summarized the stories) and assemble a new narrative for the Marvel Universe, creating a new parallel universe. I call it Earth-037. Basically it will take the original 616 continuity and duplicate it in the modern era. I know you think its been done or is being done, and I’ll agree, to a point. What I mean is that I’ll be taking the exact flow of events and transplanting them to the modern era in a narrative form. There will be Paste-Pot Pete and The Voice and other one-offs, and all the confusing retconned, rewritten, and completely discontinuous timelines in their bizarrely unintelligible glory just as they really happened as the original stories were released. Copyright infringement you cry? Meh. Nobody’s going to read it but my girlfriend.

I’ve also been motivated to write a series for younger readers, specifically in the science fiction genre. I want to do this for my nieces … but secretly I’m folding it in to my master epic. Clever, eh? And … surprise … it will have a female lead! Vart!?

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