Status Update

With the last of my first batch of pro mags having returned polite rejections, I’m now back to development and redevelopment.

Maybe you’ve heard me mention “Pushing Daisy”. It’s the first piece I ever submitted to professional publishers and has had the most rejections, but also the most positive feedback. It’s just not quite good enough. I’m encouraged by this. I know the story has potential and that it is a valid piece of art that plenty of people would consider quality science fiction with a poignant message and a good plot – I just can’t seem to get it past the first slush.

While I’ve made numerous rewrites and revisions, I think I am on my final version now; feeling that, I have chosen to submit it to a contest. A large contest. It’s a first, so not banking on this, just trying something different.

In the meantime, I wrote a sequel to Pushing Daisy that can stand alone, so I’ll be adding that to my submission pieces. If Pushing Daisy doesn’t win the contest – and i won’t know for about four months – I’m going to put it back into the rotation. It’s changed so much since I first submitted it that I think I can resubmit to the first group of mags I tried. That would incude: Asimov’s, Clarkesworld, Analog, Strange Horizons, among others.

I’m also still looking to collaborate with artists to illustrate some of my work. I’m planning on biting the bullet and self-publishing an anthology of my throw-away pieces. Illustrations would just make it that much better.

Part Three of City of Light is still in development. Lots has changed to the entire story, so I’m having to edit huge portions of my “Bible” and that’s extremely time consuming. Paring 37 elements that it took me two years to create down to 9 that will still accomplish the same thing is a hell of a lot of work.

You’ll see me a lot more soon – I promise.


And I’m very close to thinking about taking the first step of making the effort to begin the process of preparing myself to do what is necessary to open the pathway to making it possible for me to go back to college. ; )

5 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. Even if its not for my collection, I’d just like to work with an artist to bring some of my ideas to life. Comic book, realistic, not so much anime – I’m really looking for someone with good techno vision – sci-fi, cyberpunk, steampunk

    For Example: I wrote a simple piece about a girl watching safely from a spacedock as the passengers aboard a starcruiser perish in a terrible accident just outside the observation deck she’s standing on – What I want is a POV illustration from a passengers view of the little girl, holding a teddy bear, pressing against the glass waving to them as they die in the cold of space … that sort of thing.

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