Flash Rant – #2083



Nothing makes me want to go back to school more than people that do not deserve the credit they are given.

As I’m stuck in endless development meetings while  my regular work – work that brings us money – suffers, I notice a trend: Other people just want our money.

A couple of decades ago, “computer geek” was an exclusive moniker for someone who lived and breathed computers, not someone who surfs the latest wave.

I bring in my monster Alienware laptop to meetings and people scoff – they see Windows 8 and they scoff – they see what I can make my computer DO and they gulp.

“How did you do that? I didn’t think Windows 8 could do that.”

It’s not Windows 8, it’s not my laptop – it’s me. I could make your Apple do stuff you didn’t know it could, too. My computer is mine. I know it up and down, inside and out, backwards and forwards.

And hey, I’m not saying you’re stupid if you don’t know how to use your technology – I’m saying don’t fuck with me about my arsenal of tech when you choose yours based solely on which company sold you best.

I’d rather not choose a “brand” – I love technology, and I will gravitate towards which ever technologies allow me most easily to make them my own. If that’s an amalgam of Android, Apple, and Windows hardware, with a base of reliable open-source software that meets my needs and conforms to my view of the universe, then I think I’m doing right by me.

In the 21st Century, when it comes to technology in a very competitive market, there is one absolute truth: NOTHING does EVERYTHING.

Could you make an educated decision on which smartphone fits your lifestyle best if there were no commercials, no salespeople, no ads, no social media, no other people to influence you?

Would you know how to research a company, its goods, its history, its bottom line?

If tomorrow we lived in a world where advertising was outlawed and information was free, would you take the time to think about what you said, believed, followed, and bought?

Why wait?

When i find out my company paid a ton of money for a website that took months to develop that i could have built in WordPress in a day, I get pissed. I get angry at salesmen touting their “cutting edge” mobile devices but unable to  do anything with their devices but talk to people, play simplistic games, and watch porn. I get especially pissed when salespeople come to us to sell us robust canned software packages that are really just tweaked open-source packages that we could have developed on top of for free.

Everyone gets Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest – every company wants you to “get it” because once you get it, they’ve got you.

Video games are changing – you want virtual worlds and full immersion, forget it. Games like Skyrim and Bioshock and Mass Effect seem like they have steam, but there is a continuous cacophony of voices influencing the video game developers these days through social media that weren’t there ten years ago. Even when a brilliant developer starts on a project that has potential, the corporate entities are going to listen to the cacophony and direct the creative teams to do what “the people” want. A decade ago, there weren’t 1,000,000 “followers” screaming “I WANT MORE PVP”. Now there are. Suddenly, my franchise diverts millions of dollars away from solidifying a full-immersion single-player RPG to quickly develop additional multiplayer aspects. What happens? The game sucks all the way around.

Way to go, dude.

Smaller and mobile is not the pinnacle – full-immersion and seamless interaction with AI that cannot be distinguished from live gamers is. Evolving virtual universes and epic experience is where video games were always headed – I could point to a number of games that have derailed that, but in the end, its the corporations that will prevent the industry from getting back on track. Those corporations will listen to the cacophony, and voices like mine won’t be there because the cacophony lies.

And I always tell the truth!


Oh, what a lie!

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