Marvel Project – May 1969

IronRepulsorParty’s over – back to work. Way behind now.

Here’s a summary of May 1969 as it happened in the Marvel universe:

The Shocker reappears and goes after the Lifeline Tablet, which is being held by Captain Stacy. Spiderman battles Shocker and defeats him again, but is unable to locate the tablet.

HYDRA stages a phony funeral for Captain America with the intent of luring all his friends, including the Avengers and Nick Fury, into a deadly trap. With his secret identity secure once again, Captain America reappears and with Bucky’s help is able to defeat Madame Hydra and her henchmen, thus saving the attendees of the funeral.

The disabled Man-Slayer reawakens and Captain Marvel must battle him once again. Later, in a confrontation with Yon-Rogg, Mar-Vell learns that Una can be returned to life again.

Mysteriously returned after his apparent death, the Leader offers his services to General Ross, promising to capture and subdue the Hulk. Using a plastic prison, the Leader does just that, but has ulterior motives, knowing that the Hulk is the only threat to his maniacal plans.

Diablo uses Dr. Doom’s former love interest to try and force him into a partnership. Unwilling to join forces with such a villain as Diablo, Doom tricks the master alchemist and sends him far into the future.

Naga, still toying with Sub-Mariner, infuriates Karthon, who in a rage kills his master, saving Namor from certain death.

As Doctor Strange and Clea explore the city together, Nightmare appears as Eternity to Doctor Strange. Nightmare unleashes denizens of past lifetimes into New York City in an attempt to draw Strange into a confrontation – at which point, Nightmare reveals that he has captured Eternity and holds him prisoner.

Doom’s hypnosis of the Fantastic Four begins to fade and the quartet are able to regain their powers long enough to stand against the robot army Doom has unleashed against the populace. Seeing his plans foiled, Doom decides to destroy the village all together. Sue Storm arrives and saves her companions from death.

Iron Man manages to escape from the Controller but is unable initially to save the human batteries the Controller is drawing his power from. As Controller nears a large city where he plans to turn hundreds more into human batteries, Iron Man renews his attack against him. Unbeknownst to Controller, Iron Man secretly separates Controller from his batteries and is eventually able to defeat him once the connection is broken.

A new SHIELD agent, Robert Rickard, steps in and tries to remove Nick Fury from command of SHIELD. In truth Rickard is a HYDRA agent attempting to kill Nick Fury and destroy SHIELD from the inside.

Clint Barton (Hawkeye)’s brother arrives with valuable information on Egghead’s world domination scheme. The Avengers bring him along as they face off against Egghead, and the other Barton apparently dies saving their lives and foiling Egghead’s plans.

The Black Panther is tasked with finding Daredevil and delivering to him the antidote that will save his life. Both Panther and Daredevil face off against Starr Saxon, but Daredevil is forced to let Saxon escape.

Thor, Balder, and Sif stand against Pluto and he moves his Mutate army of the future to the present day. Informed of Pluto’s transgression of authority, Zeus sends him back to Hades.

Making off with Alex, the Pharoah drains him of cosmic power and becomes the Living Monolith, a being of extensive power. Alex is able to use his powers to defeat the new foe, but in doing so, he soon realizes that he cannot control his powers.

Best moment of may 1969:

Captain America returns to action after faking his death.


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