The Benefits of Having a Muse

I find it extremely frustrating that I cannot tell you about my epic science fiction series. In all the universe, there are only two people that know the entire story – me and my muse. One night, drunk at the pub, I spilled most of the plot to the second book in the series to an occasional drinking partner, but he was drunk too and likely can’t remember it either.

I finished the first third of the novel during NaNoWriMo 2011, and the second third during NaNoWriMo 2012. The final third? Well … November’s a long way away. I may have to get a jump on that.

I have extensive notes on the entire series, but a good deal of it is in my head. I had a beginning and an end very early on, but not a message, and not a final climactic reveal that really hits home with any force. I struggled with my protagonist’s final standing, who he really was, and where he stood at the end of the universe. I had eight books worth of story, but no substance in the story’s main character. Adventure boiled over, intellectual games hid beneath fragmented sentences – I was building an intricate literary puzzle that regular readers would find pleasing in the whole, and that in-depth readers would find intriguing in the detail.

But no CORE! No SOUL!

And then, my muse, my love, who accuses me of constantly giving her too much credit in all things I think she is amazing at, simply spoke a few words … and the entire multiverse in my head coalesced into a single, solid, unbreakable, infinite truth. And now, I can finish writing it. I NEVER would have gotten that one kicker on my own. NEVER. It’s so simple and so beautifully and darkly complex that I shiver every time I think about it. I get chills. Goosebumps. I almost start to cry.

Of course! Of course, no one else in the entire universe could ever have given me the key to this but her. I want to scream it out to everyone, the whole theme, the whole idea, the one thing, that one tiny little detail that makes a mediocre sci-fi epic into a real, living, breathing thing.

Ah, my reluctant, humble muse … you have no idea what you’ve done.

And I have no way of telling anyone else except to write the damned thing – to WRITE the WHOLE damned thing.

For fun, here is a summary of the entire epic from beginning to end, with all spoilers removed:

A man comes into existence on the desolate shore of a vast sea of blue … [Spoilers removed here] … A man comes into existence on the desolate shore of a vast sea of blue.

The End.

Cue Groovy Music.

Roll credits.

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