The Old Republic: Griegan

I forgot this. I never finished it, but it was meant to be a backstory for my Jedi Sage in SWTOR. I still play around in SWTOR on occasion, and will probably get back into it once I get my Alienware monster next week.

Just a quick scene. No substance.

The Miraluka youth named Greigan stood on the bridge of his father’s junk freighter the Dire Ember. As preparations commenced to leave orbit around Alpheridies, Griegan could feel the vibrations of the ship through his feet. Looking out the observation porthole, Griegan could “see” shimmering auras lazily rolling by outside the shielded glass – auras that surrounded the energies released during the ignition of the aged ship’s engines.

Running his fingers along the glass, he imagined his reflection there – a reflection he could never see, a sense of identity unknown by all Miraluka. His focus shifted to the planet below them and he watched the movements of the atmosphere – strange swirls of light and shadow, offset against the void of space. To his eyes, space was never empty. To Miraluka, energies invisible to most other species appear as shimmering eddies across the emptiness, like waters breaking over submerged rocks.

“Come away from there, boy,” echoed a gruff voice from behind him.

Griegan was not startled. He sensed his father’s presence at the door to the bridge several minutes earlier. He felt his father’s gaze on him long before the older Miraluka had announced his presence.

Griegan inclined his head slightly and moved back to his place at the navigator’s station. Dropping heavily into his captain’s chair, Raechoryn, Greigan’s father, impatiently batted at the switch to drop the metal panel over the open observation portal. His son took one last look at his ancestral home and then turned to his tasks.

“Course set,” Griegan stated evenly.

“Prepare for jump,” Raechoryn replied.

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