Seeking Collaborators, Fans, & Beta readers


As you may know, I’m creating something huge. Novels, shorts, live-action performances, video games, fashion … all epic.

I need help to make it happen. (that means more people than just JD – she’s got enough to put up with with me just being me)

I’ve got two shorts ready for beta reading. (constructive criticism only, and I’m completely willing to reciprocate)

I have several other projects in concept stages that I need to bounce off receptive minds. (again, I will reciprocate)

I am seeking collaborative help in fleshing out art and design concepts for several projects. (I cannot draw, but I know what I’d like to see. Sci-fi is the theme of the day, but fantasy works too. I work at a commercial printer, so I can totally get you some free prints if you’re nice)

I also need devoted fans to assist in possible guerilla marketing schemes. (stencils, stickers, flyers, etc.)

Interested? Want more information?

You don’t have to be local. In fact, maybe far away is better?

Email me at:

Ask me before sending your own work. I may also get JD to read, too. She’s a fantastic judge of quality storytelling.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Collaborators, Fans, & Beta readers

  1. I’m open to hearing about the “projects in concept stages”. I’m horrible at art, and not the best at giving comments on written work because I can’t look at it from the outside and separate personal preferences in a story vs. what is actually constructive criticism.
    I’m not sure what you mean by marketing, but I did marketing for my husband’s own business…however that was purely internet based with ads, building a website and whatnot. However – I’d be open to see what you have in mind.
    And I’m interested to see what this is all about!

    • See, this is where it gets tough. I can’t tell any one person more than one part of the whole.

      But let’s just start with Ulysses … I want Ulysses to exist before the main story gets to Ulysses – to the point where some might wonder if Ulysses is real. And maybe that does mean websites and fake marketing material.

      I can do all the creating, I just need … well … an underground.

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