Marvel Project – March 1969


Summary of the Marvel continuity as it happened, March 1969:

The Kingpin escapes police custody and evades Spider-Man after J. Jonah Jameson interferes. Angry at the interference, Spidey threatens J.J.J. and scares him unconscious, before fleeing the scene – no closer to clearing his name now that he’s been seen threatening Jameson.

HYDRA goes after Captain America, but ends up capturing Rick Jones as Bucky instead. Trapped, and in a position of sacrificing himself to save Rick, Captain America appears to have died. Finding a mask of Steve Rogers in the river he perished in, it now appears that Steve Rogers was not Captain America after all.

The Aakon return and inadvertently save Mar-Vell from his execution. As Captain Marvel makes good his escape from his Kree foes, Una is killed. Taking her body to safety, Mar-vell then says a final farewell to her. An entity known only as Zo then contacts Mar-Vell and offers him new powers with which to exact his revenge against Yon-Rogg.

Dying in an unpressurized spaceship, Banner reverts to Hulk and crashes to Earth. The Sandman, seeking his former partner, Blastaar, recruits Hulk to steal a ship to reach the Negative Zone. Hulk smashes him instead.

Ka-Zar and his brother, the Plunderer, travel to the Savage Land to discovers their family’s destiny. In this retrospective of the Family Plunder, Ka-Zar is led to believe that their father, discoverer of Anti-Metal, was a villain. The Plunderer, however, learns otherwise, but keeps the information from Ka-Zar. The Lizard Men attack Ka-Zar even as Plunderer attempts to find the key to the hidden Anti-Metal.

Choosing to save the humans rather than chase after the Serpent Crown, Namor is rewarded with the same humans turning on him. Captain Barracuda, attempting to kill Namor and the humans, inadvertently causes the destruction of his ship, his crew, and apparently himself. Namor continues on to Lemuria.

Investigating reports of a robot army being built in Latveria, the Fantastic Four attempt to enter Doom’s nation only to be immediately apprehended, hypnotized, and held as “guests”. The hypnotizing done to them causing the FF’s powers to be useless, thus rendering them unable to flee Latveria.

Tony Stark fools Mandarin by using an LMD giving a live conference, while at the same time wearing a mask over his own face under the Iron Man suit, thus effectively saving his secret identity. Mandarin threatening to kill Janice Cord and Iron Man, kills his love Mei-Ling when she sacrifices herself. Iron Man escapes with Janice Cord and Mandarin appears to perish.

Nick Fury once again tackles the threat of the Hate-Monger, and this time makes it home in time for Christmas.

Returning to Wakanda, Black Panther brings his Avenger companions along as guests, to show them his home and get to know him better. When they arrive, they discover the Man-Ape has usurped the Panther’s throne. In his overzealous plan to kill T’Challa, the Man-Ape brings down a statue on top of himself, instead of his foe, and appears to perish.

Daredevil manages to damage the robot assassin that has been sent by Biggie Benson’s accomplice, Starr. The robot, receiving erroneous instructions, then goes after Biggie Benson. Daredevil races to save the convict, but is gravely wounded.

Thor returns to Asgard to consult with Odin after defeating Galactus. Odin reveals all that he knows about the origin of Galactus to Thor and the Warriors Three. Afterwards, he reveals to Thor that Sif has disappeared after investigating a evil presence on Earth. Thor returns to Earth to search for her.

Scott reveals that he has a brother, Alex Summers. The Living Pharoah appears, knowing Alex is a mutant and desiring to eliminate him. Cyclops attempts to save Alex, but Pharoah fakes his own death and frames Scott for it, before making good his escape with Alex.

Best moment in March 1969:

First appearance of Man-Ape. Sure, there’s a lot of apparent death this month, but we’ll soon see very little of it is real – including Man-Ape’s defeat.


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