#1 – Weekes for a Year

Trying something new. Every day I’m just going to sit down, turn on a fifteen minute timer and just start writing.

I might write bits of other stories I’m working on, or it my be new material. It might be random, it might be planned.

I just feel like writing.

On Sunday the line is longest. Thousands of humanoids stand patiently, not crowding each other, slowly moving forward to the giant metallic cube.

The skies are purple and ships flit back and forth in front of azure clouds in the distance. Rail cars can be heard roaring through the tunnels underneath the Grande Place where the lines wind and spiral and extend on forever.

A humanoid steps away from the cube and the line moves forward one space. Like dominoes, each body appears to affect the one next to it line. There is a shuffle that continues for so long that if one were to look on the scene, one would notice that sometimes a shuffle wouldn’t end before another started. Oftentimes, there were as many as three shifts occurring in the long line at once.

Another humanoid form steps forward to receive his gift.

The android stands happily before the metallic cube and opens a small panel on his chest – approximately where a human being’s heart would be.

A glowing wire, thick enough to appear like a tentacle, snakes forward from the cube and connects to the android.

As the android stands there, the metallic cube uploads the entire life of Roger Weekes into the android – a simulation of memories and emotions that will turn the android receiving it into something more. Roger Weekes had died three weeks earlier, along with every other human being in existence.

The tentacle pulls away, retreating into the cube as the upload is completed. The android that, like every other android on the planet, allows its synthetic body to be host to the last vestiges of humanity, walks away from the cube to begin its new life as Roger Weekes. For one year, it will be the man that had a wife and family and secret affairs with coworkers. It will eat synthetic oranges, just like Roger Weekes did. It will have simulated bowel movements complicated by synthetic hemorrhoids.

It will be Roger Weekes for one year, and then Roger Weekes will return to storage in the cube until uploaded again.

The android that hosts the remnants of Roger Weekes sees the simulated face of his childhood friend on another android as he passes by on his way to the rail station.

“Hi Betty,” it says in Roger Weekes’ simulated voice. “Isn’t a lovely day?”

The android hosting Betty Brown nods and smiles politely.

The wind kicks up the bone dust that litters the Grande Place.

The sound of synthetic feet crushing human bone mixes into the cacophony of life, and the android hosting Roger Weekes displays a synthetic smile for the beginning of his new year.

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