Marvel Project – January 1969

egoHere’s a summary of Marvel happenings in January 1969:

Using a riot at Empire State University as cover, the Kingpin and his men go after a prehistoric tablet. Spider-Man happens to be on the scene and attempts to prevent the theft while protecting the students.

Captain America tells his origin story to Nick Fury, explaining the super soldier program and the events that led to Steve Rogers becoming Captain America.

Mar-Vell faces Walter Lawson’s invention, Cyberex, just as the Aakon arrive to kill him. Cyberex and the Aakon eventually turn against each other, and ensure their own defeat.

With the doomsday device disabled, Ka-Zar goes to find help for a near-death Bruce Banner. The aliens who created the doomsday device return to Earth and take Banner’s body to try and assess what happened to their device. During their mind-probing, Banner changes to Hulk and destroys the alien ship from the inside, causing the aliens to make an emergency landing on their planet.

In the future, the Badoon have enslaved the inhabitants of our galaxy, and a handful of survivors unite to stand against them, calling themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Prince Namor returns to Atlantis with Destiny’s helmet and gives it to his advisors to study. While on a mission with Lord Seth, the two are attacked and in saving Seth’s life, Namor is rendered amnesiac. After a long while, Namor regains his memory and returns to Atlantis to find that Dorma has put on the helmet and now rules the Atlantean people in the name of Naga. Namor wrestles the helmet from her, but his people are already turned against him and attack.

Dr. Strange discovers that the Sons of Satannish have kidnapped Clea, but is captured by them before he can save her. Together, Strange and Clea are banished to another realm.

Maximus has succeeded in stealing the throne from his brother Black Bolt. Crystal attempts to contact the Inhumans to inform them she is joining the Fantastic Four, but Lockjaw leads her into Maximus’s clutches. The Fantastic Four must travel to the Great Refuge to rescue her and help the Inhumans defeat Maximus.

Iron Man faces a robot replica of Hulk. In the ensuing battle, it is revealed that Mandarin created the Hulk-robot to test a theory: that Iron Man and Tony Stark are one in the same. Having witnessed what he feels is proof, Mandarin devises a scheme to turn the knowledge to his advantage and destroy Tony Stark and Iron Man for good.

An enemy known as Supremus begins targeting influential figures that he feels could threaten his schemes of world domination. Nick Fury is targeted by him, but survives the assassination attempt. Tracking his would-be killer down, Fury discovers Supremus is actually a weak, handicapped man in a robotic suit.

At the wedding of Wasp and Yellowjacket, the Circus of Crime attack. In the melee, Wasp is captured and Yellowjacket, in a rage, suddenly grows in size, revealing that he was Hank Pym all along. Following an accident in his lab, Hank had his repressed feelings brought to the surface as an alter-ego, who succeeded where Hank couldn’t in asking Janet Van Dyne to marry him.

Stilt-Man is hired by a crime syndicate to assassinate Foggy Nelson, thus preventing him from becoming District Attorney and cracking down on crime. Daredevil overhears the scheme and takes steps to be in place to confront the villain. In doing so, however, Matt jeopardizes his friendship with Foggy by refusing to help his campaign – which is necessary to prevent Foggy from being attacked. In the end, Stilt-Man escapes and Foggy becomes D.A., leaving Matt in the law practice alone.

Thor is visited by Tana Nile and begged for assistance it combating a threat to her galaxy. Likewise, the recorder visits Asgard asking for help from Odin. Thor and the Recorder meet up on Rigel and set out to the Black Galaxy to confront the evil – which happens to be Galactus. As they arrive, Galactus is battling Ego, the Living Planet.

Erik the Red is revealed to be Cyclops in disguise. Having won over Magneto by pledging allegiance to the ideals of the evil mutants, he is able to infiltrate Mesmero’s fortress, paving the way for the X-Men to defeat the villains. Ice-man, having previously been forbidden to join the attack, arrives with information that Magneto is NOT Lorna’s father. Realizing the truth Lorna uses her powers to destroy the fortress, bringing it down on Mesmero and his Demi-Men. Magneto escapes unscathed.

Best moment from January 1969:

Galactus, the planet-devouring space-trekking energy glutton, meets Ego, the Living Planet.


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