Marvel Project – December 1968

MephistoAnother month down. Almost into the 70s!

Here’s what happened in the Marvel universe in December of 1968:

After battling through Mysterio’s tricks, Spider-Man discovers that he’s not been miniaturized after all. Tracking the villain down to his hideout, Spidey defeats him again.

Captain America is enlisted to save his love interest Sharon Carter, who has been kidnapped and held hostage by the Trapster. After dueling with the sticky villain, Cap discovers that Sharon was never in real danger and the entire event had been a ruse to force Trapster into revealing that he was working for the Red Skull.

Mar-Vell uncovers evidence that Walter Lawson, the man whose identity he has stolen, was working for the Organization and built a deadly robot assassin for them. The robot, acting on Lawson’s final commands, attacks Mar-Vell, thinking he his Lawson.

As Ka-Zar and Banner tamper with the Doomsday device in the Savage Land, a robot is awakened to stop them. Hulk fights the guardian robot, but it appears that Banner dies in the process.

Intent on recovering Destiny’s helmet of power, which Namor believes is too dangerous to let fall into human hands again, the Prince must confront Thing, who has been enlisted to protect the helmet, and transport it to a lab for study.

The Sons of Satannish beg their master for more powers, a request that is granted to them. The mystic villains disguise themselves as Doctor Strange’s assisstant Wong and kidnap Clea.

The Wizard returns with a new pair of power gloves. With Sue Storm out on maternity leave, Crystal steps up and proves her worth by easily dispatching the Wizard with the Fantastic Four. Seeing her abilities, Reed, Johnny, and Ben welcome her as the newest member of the team.

As Iron Man defeats the Gladiator, it is revealed that Jasper Sitwell knew Whitney Frost was an enemy all along. Foiling the Maggia’s plans, Sitwell and SHIELD agents defeat all enemy agents, thus protecting Stark’s secret weapon plans. Whitney Frost escapes capture.

Nick Fury is poisoned with a powerful and fatal hallucinatory drug. In a desperate attempt to find help, he battles visions of foes old and new as the drug slowly kills him. Reaching SHIELD by sheer luck, Fury is sharp enough to discover that the villain who poisoned him is posing as a SHIELD agent. Escaping death again, Fury causes the mole to inject himself with the drug.

Mephisto, having witnessed the honorable exploits of the Silver Surfer, has decided that he wants the Silver Surfer’s soul. Traveling to Silver Surfer’s homeworld, he kidnaps Shalla Bal and brings her to Earth to tempt the cosmic crusader. Try as he might, Mephisto is unable to break Silver Surfer, and resorts to threatening to send Shalla Bal back. Silver Surfer accepts that he must let her go or lose his soul, and Mephisto is defeated.

The Avengers are shocked to discover that a new superhero, calling himself Yellowjacket, has beaten and apparently killed Hank Pym. Vision, Hawkeye, and Black Panther attack the cocky newcomer, but Yellowjacket takes Wasp as a hostage. Escaping with her to his hideout, he waits for the Avengers to find him. In a scuffle, Yellowjacket kisses Wasp and they embrace. When the Avengers arrive, Wasp shocks them all and tells the team that she intends to marry Yellowjacket.

Captain Savage and his men (WWII era) must take down a man who is impersonating Captain Savage. They are captured by a gunrunner who decides to help them against the Japanese.

Daredevil shows a blind man that life goes on past physical handicaps when, as both Daredevil and Matt Murdock, he demonstrates how you must adapt to changes in your life or risk losing your self.

Odin reveals to Thor that his time as Donald Blake was meant as punishment, and a lesson in humility for a transgression Thor initiated against the Frost Giants.

The X-men escape from the clutches of Magneto, Lorna Dane, and Mesmero and his Demi-men. As they regroup, a mutant calling himself Erik the Red appears before Magneto and Mesmero and challenges their leadership.

Best moment from December 1968:

First appearance of Mephisto, one of the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe. Special mention for the first appearance of Yellowjacket and the awkward soap opera moment below. : )


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