The Longest Winter

Surprise! It’s poetry.

I do attempt to pretend I can do it on occasion.

This is the only bit of poetry I’ve written that I like, though.

A ray of sunlight through shedding trees

Draws rainbows in miniature on his back,

As the droplets of mist from the river

Cling desperately to his fur.

He trundles slowly through fallen leaves

And clenches his jaw to hold his meal.

He is older than his kin, but he is still

Young compared to the forest.

Saplings part as he treks to his home,

Smaller creatures scatter and hide.

He is much too old to give them chase,

Though he wishes he had the time.

The sky is grey and drowns the warmth

The sun would normally provide.

His bones ache and protest with his gait,

But he moves ever forward.

The fish in his deadly grip twitches

In a silent plea to be released back,

But the elder bear finishes the dance for him

With a brutal, final crunch.

He can see his den ahead of him now,

Its maw threatening more than in the past.

He tenses because he knows that this

Will be his final meal.

Twilight comes and he still sits

Staring blind out the mouth of the cave.

His final meal sits uneaten, as he welcomes

A long and lustrous winter.

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