The Office

WP_20130109_001This is my office.

Notice that I’m not really working.

It’s my lunch break – a time I reserve for reading Marvel comic books from the 60s and creating enigmatic art in MS Paint.

If you look closely, you may notice a few interesting things.

1. No more bananas.

2. The perpetual contents of my right pocket have been laid out on the piece of paper in front of my laptop. They are: a 12-sided die, a marble I found in my backyard, and a real silver half-dollar. I’m never without these three things … at least when I’m wearing pants.

3. ALL YOUR SKUS ARE BELONG TO US. (Good luck with that one)

4. Space Monkey.

As you were.

3 thoughts on “The Office

    • Well, this is Texas. The existence of dinosaurs is a matter of opinion, and the stereotypical boyhood roleplaying archetype of choice is either the cowboy or the soldier.

      I should get some stand-ups. And I should frame my Spock portrait.

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