Small Beginnings

Photo(2)When Jess and I say we dislike the holidays, we mean it. We did well this Christmas – knocking out most of our shopping early, then having to worry about only a few stragglers as the big day finally rolled around. The family gatherings overlapped, forcing us to split for a good portion of the day, but in the end we collapsed into our comfy couch and heaved a sigh of relief.

I can honestly say it was not so bad this year.

I have lofty intentions with my blog this year, but as you may have noticed, it is four days in to the new year and this is my first blog attempt. Well … it’s been difficult to find time to sit down and write. Jess’s friends are in from Honduras, we had a New Year’s Party to attend, and my job is rolling into one of the busiest times of year.

Additionally, Jess was nice enough to finally relent and accompany me to the AT&T Store to buy us both new smartphones. This was a significant events in our lives. Jess was sporting a Samsung slider with a faulty down button, and I was wielding an aging Blackberry with a faulty roller ball. After we threatened to check with Verizon, the rep at AT&T cut us a deal. Two free phones and a few other waived fees. Jess got herself a Samsung Galaxy Express, and I did what I have been planning to do for a while now – I got an HTC 8x Windows Phone.

I’ll get into my initial woes with the Windows phone in another blog, but for the most part, I think I made the right decision. Here’s a few reasons why I think the Windows Phone, and specifically the HTC 8x, was the way for me to go:

1. I’ve got three computers at work, all Windows PCs. Our company servers are windows based. I own an Xbox 360, plus a Windows laptop, Jess’s PC is Windows. So what? So, now I’m synced with all of them. While I can certainly do the same with an iPhone, or an Android, those devices become islands of information.

The future of tech is not wielding three or four devices, all with the power of a modern computer. The future is having a central core for your computing needs, and several nodes with which to access it. I’m not an app junkie, nor am I a media hoarder. Why do I want gigs and gigs of crap on my node, when I could easily just yank it from my central core when I need it?

So far, the Windows 8 set up is the closest I can get to what I want to be able to do. It’s not perfect yet, but it has great potential.

2. All your bases are belong to us. We already had an iPad – and now we’ve got an Android device and a Windows device for our mobile needs. We’ve got it covered.

3. Apple sucks one. I don’t say this out of a grudge-driven hatred for the company – I say it from experience. Three years as a composition editor in an Apple farm, several years in makeshift music studios where Apple was worshiped as a god, and decades of trying to achieve synergy with a OS that can only fire bullseyes at certain targets while completely missing others, gives me the right to do so.

Why not Android? I agree, I love the idea of Android. I love the dream of informational and technological freedom. But, it’s not time yet.

That’s enough on technology for now. I do have some great ideas for the first few blogs of this year, and I anticipate that sharing them here might actually give me the incentive to actual write them. Here’s a few blogs you can expect from me soon:

  • I visited a therapist last year in an attempt to tackle my social anxiety, and the experience gave me a new outlook on negativity, how it affects my life, and how I can extricate myself from it. I gave negativity a new name – Gravity. I’m constructing a blog about the idea that we all encounter this “gravity” in our lives – and sometimes need only a certain amount of velocity to escape it.
  • I’ve never really told you about me – who I really am, what I do here. I think I’ll do that. Then you’ll know.
  • After I’ve watched it a few more times, I intend to continue my commentary on the film, Prometheus.
  • After abandoning it after a brief struggle with Boris Pasternak, I am reinstating the Book Queue and returning to my book reviews that I started at my other blog. The first in the new series of reviews will be the entire Dune series, after I repost a few of my favorite old reviews from the Reliquary. I’ll attempt to write a few film and game reviews as well, but my focus will be on my growing queue of books.
  • All my writing projects, in process and forthcoming, will be detailed for your reading pleasure – perhaps a cautionary tale?

And that’s that. Now you know what to expect, and have been warned. Flee if it suits you.

Oh, and yes, I finally abandoned my old theme. This one is much more tolerable from this end.

And finally, here’s this post’s evil rabbit:



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