Epic Anticipation

I expect big things this next year.

2013, among other things, will be the year I complete my first novel.

It will also be the year I definitely pay off my car, possibly enroll in school again, and perhaps get one or two of my short pieces published.

Those are big things. I’m not making resolutions – I’m telling you what is going to happen.

In addition to those big things, here are some little things that I also plan to change in 2013 about myself and my life:

1. I will take more pictures and document the epic journey that will be my life with the woman I love more than anything else in the universe.

2. I’m going to change the look and feel of my blog. This dark theme seems old and I think I’m done being dark and mysterious.

3. I’m going to do a better job of writing non-fiction blogs. I typically just write spontaneously and post without edits. While that has been somewhat effective, I realize that I can say more if I take time to construct posts instead of slapping them together on a whim.

4. I will continue to attempt to rekindle the geek flame I’ve let sit smoldering inside since grade school. I’ve reached a point that I realize how much I’ve missed in abandoning the culture in response to the negative reactions of certain peers and former friends. I never gave up gaming, but four years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a Star Wars shirt, or telling people that I love Inuyasha and Cowboy Bebop, or that I own a repeatedly watched DVD of Unico and the Island of Magic, or that I have a room full of Star Wars and Marvel Legos, or that my girlfriend and I watch Star Trek in bed at night, or that I walk in MMOs, or that I know who Paste-Pot Pete is, or that I sometimes pretend I’m the 37th Doctor, or that I’m seriously considering getting the Seal of Rassilon tattooed on my back along with ancient symbols for “fortune and glory, kid … fortune and glory”.

5. I’m going to make a concerted effort at reaching the pinnacle of good health, as much as is possible for a 35-year-old male who is currently just under 200 lbs and rarely exercises anymore.

6. I will strive be the person today that I feel I am meant to be tomorrow, and never the person I was yesterday.

It’s been a good year.



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