Shifting Focus

I’ve been thinking about my writing a good deal lately.

Last month I added 50,000 additional words to my novel. I did this in one month. I don’t see it taking much more effort to complete said novel and prepare it for its final submission-grade version. I realize that I can complete this daunting task much sooner than I thought possible.

Instead of continuing the random flash posts, I’ve decided to focus on completing “The City of Light” and preparing it for publication elsewhere, and I honestly believe it is worthy of publishing using the traditional methods as opposed to self-publishing or e-publishing.

Now, I’ll admit I’ve been tempted, based on the many experiences that so many of you have shared on your own blogs, to pursue publishing my material on my own either online or in print. It seems like a great, easy way to get my words out there in public … but I’ve got a huge problem with this: I don’t like it.

I would willingly suffer through reams of rejection letters than circumvent the rite of passage that all my literary heroes have faced at one time or another. Call me old-fashioned.

Now, I used to dream of a future where every artist, musician, and writer would be loved and praised just for the act of creation, and not the merits of such – but I’ve read a hundred novels since then, and a ton of online self-published content.

There is a difference, and the gap between the good, the bad, and the “you need to stop–please” is as vast as this galaxy. There is a difference between being unpublished, having three blog followers, and being a skilled writer; and having thousands of blog followers and being a mediocre self-publisher.

Failure makes better writers.

Recently, I was playing 8 Eyes on the Nintendo Emulator I have, and as I defeated the last villain, after gratuitous use of save states, I felt a slight sense of accomplishment. I can now say “I have beaten 8 Eyes”. I can also that about A Boy and his Blob, 3D World Runner, Final Fantasy I-VI, Zelda 1 and 2, 1943, and a ton of other games that I can conveniently press “save state” through to the end.

Can I really say I’ve mastered those games though? Absolutely not. Kid Niki though, I mastered.

I can throw an anthology of my short stories together and publish it through Amazon. I can dig up that old psychological thriller I wrote in my twenties and get it published through iUniverse.

Can I really say I’ve been published though? I choose to say “absolutely not”.







Just because you feel it, doesn’t mean it’s there, boyo.


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