Random Project

I spent this weekend not writing. It felt good.

Now that this chunk of my novel is done, I’m taking a break and looking at some other projects – music, reviews, reading, hobbies, etc.

This is what I came up with for writing in the interim of this part of the novel and the next.

Daily Random Flash Fiction Challenge:

Every weekday, I’ll take three categories (1 genre, 2 sub-genre, 1 style) and choose random selection from each. See listings below. I’ll write a flash piece using the random selections and post them here.

Monthly Random Short Fiction Submission:

Every month, I’ll take three categories (1 genre, 2 sub-genre, 1 style) and choose random selection from each. See listings below. I’ll write a short fiction piece, with the intent to submit to mags, using random selections and not post them here (but I’ll tell you what the random selections are).

Sound pretty challenging? Well, that’s the point. Surrealist Noir BDSM Western? Absurdist Post-Apocalyptic Chick Lit Horror? Yeah, I can do that.

I’ll be using Random.org for the random number generator. I’ll likely post the Daily picks in the A.M. and the resulting Flash Fiction in the afternoon. Monthly picks will be the first of each month.

Here’s the layout of the random selections (I compiled these from the search option over at www.duotrope.com :

Genre Sub-Genre Style
1 Action/Adventure 1 Bizarro 1 Absurdist
2 Erotica 2 Cross-Genre 2 Dark
3 Fantasy 3 Fabulism 3 Experimental
4 Horror 4 Gothic 4 Humorous
5 Mystery/Crime 5 Historical 5 Literary
6 Romance 6 Magic Realism 6 Mainstream
7 Science Fiction 7 Slipstream 7 Minimalist
8 Suspense/Thriller 8 Urban 8 Pulp
9 Western 9 Womens Fiction 9 Quirky
10 BDSM 10 Realist
11 Contemporary / Near Future 11 Satirical
12 Erotic 12 Scholarly
13 Paranormal 13 Surrealist
14 Shapeshifter 14 Transgressive
15 Vampire
16 Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic
17 Dark Fantasy
18 Fairy Tale
19 Heroic Fantasy
20 Light Fantasy
21 Science Fantasy
22 Shared World
23 Steampunk
24 Superhero
25 Supernatural
26 Sword & Sorcery
27 Urban Fantasy
28 Weird Tale
29 Weird Western
30 Creature Horror
31 Extreme Horror
32 Horror Western
33 Noir
34 Psychological
35 Science Fiction Horror
36 Serial Killer
37 Soft Horror
38 Zombie
39 Cozy
40 Crime
41 Detective
42 Hard-Boiled
43 Police Procedural
44 Private Investigator
45 Romance
46 Chick Lit
47 Regency
48 Time Travel
49 Alternate History
50 Cyberpunk
51 Dystopian
52 Hard Science Fiction
53 Mundane Science Fiction
54 Soft Science Fiction
55 Space Opera
56 Conspiracy
57 Espionage
58 Legal Thriller
59 Political Thriller
60 Classical Western

One thought on “Random Project

  1. I use random.org for my Scene it on Fridays, lol.

    I’ll skip reading the horror – sorry. I’m so susceptible to anything scary, I can’t even watch previews or commercials! I’ll be up all night. I’m sure it’ll be good though.

    I’m excited to see how this progresses…I can’t wait to see Transgressive Bizarro Soft Sci Fi Western.

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