Daily Random Flash Project – #1 – Handsome’s Game

Random Picks – Romance, Soft Horror, Espionage, Quirky

Ok, so, its a bit weak. I’ve never done man on man before in a piece – I thought it would be fun to try.

Soft Horror? There’s a residual sense of impending doom, demons, not a lot of gore … does that qualify?

Espionage? Check.

Quirky? I chuckled as I wrote it. There’s a banana.

It took me an hour.

It was the kind of passionate sexual embrace you would expect from two people about to have their souls ripped from their mortal bodies.

The cold stone floor of their cell was mottled green and black – moss and dried blood for those just cynical enough to be able to ignore the wailing of humans having their pitiful lives extinguished nearby, evil and evil for the God-fearing, puny fleshbags that typically found themselves in Handsome’s dungeons.

Jack’s greedy hands went for the business end of his lover, while Yazoshea was falling into the depths of that final collision of hard male bodies, scissoring his long fingers through Jack’s thick black hair. Their black-on-black Aetherblade robes lay in a mirroring version of tangled appendages on the floor nearby. Yazoshea yelped in a mixture of pain and ecstasy as Jack’s roving hands obliviously tore over the gaping talon wound from Handsome’s pet voidthrall.

Yazo forgot about his assignment in that dance. The demon horde was a raindrop compared to the rising waves of ecstasy being ripped out of his body by the skilled hands and hips of Jack, his partner in the Aetherblade Brotherhood.

Damn the priests, Yazo thought to himself. He was going to die. Fuck fighting to the end. He was going out in a sexual supernova while he had the chance.

In the distance, echoing through the darkness of the dungeons, they could hear Handsome laughing maniacally. The thirteen minutes were sure to be dwindling away, and the demon spymaster had a tendency to be impatient. The laughter was overruled by the inhuman roar of one of his monstrosities – likely being taunted before Handsome released it into the dungeons to hunt them down and seal their doom.

As the door to their cell suddenly smashed open, the two Aetherblade assassins broke off their ecstatic dance and stared at something they didn’t expect.

Amy stood there, the metamorphosis still in process as she changed from her wolf-like bestial form into the human form both Jack and Yazoshea knew as intimately as each other. Their Shifterblade associate was covered in the gore of other beings, demons and subhumans alike.

“You bastards,” she spat, words struggling around and through a transforming snout. In her shock, she had lost control of the bestial rage. The hair receded back into skin, the fangs dulled into human teeth, the predatory eyes twinkled and faded into her plain hazel points. “I just wiped out half of Handsome’s elite to save you both, and here I find you filthy fucks swordfighting behind my back.”

“Jesus, Amy,” Yazoshea stammered. “We didn’t  – we thought we were –“

“Dead?!” Amy roared. The transformation happened so quickly that both the Aetherblades stumbled backwards in fear. “You’d be better off with Handsome after you see what I’ll do to both of you.” Claws shot from her fingertips and bulging muscles ripped her flesh as it struggled to keep pace. Bones cracked and her fangs drew blood from her own distorted maw as the rage accelerated her change. She crouched, preparing to pounce at Jack, the man who had stolen her lover away from her in a more terrible way than any demon ever could.

“Quick,” Jack hissed. “Use your hold!”

Yazoshea slapped his hands together before him, drawing on the last vestiges of his Aetherblade powers to construct a force-spell powerful enough to stop his jealous lover-beast.

KRAZAST INDU’IK HAKAJ!” he screamed, casting the force-spell from his palms.

Amy froze in mid-leap, hanging frozen in the air. The force-spell had worked.

Without hesitation, Jack reached into tangle of robes at his feet and produced the silver needlegun. He fired once at the time-frozen Shifterblade, hitting the girl-beast’s heart with deadly accuracy.

Amy began to glow briefly and then exploded into a spray of gore and flame.

Yazoshea turned to stare incredulously at Jack. “You killed her!”

Jack smiled. “And I couldn’t have done it without you, Yazo.” The face of Jack began to shimmer and the black locks shrank up into the red, bald head of Handsome. “Oh, don’t look so shocked. You knew I was a fucking genius.”

The demon spymaster walked over to the stunned Aetherblade and put his bulging demon arm around naked human’s body at the waist.

“I knew I couldn’t defeat her, so I put you in the position to have to stop her with a hold. Let me tell you, I wasn’t sure it would work on top of all that rage she had. Such an angry girl.”

Before Yazo could react, Handsome casually pushed a long black claw into the mortal flesh of his chest, directly into his still beating heart. The last living Aetherblade slumped in Handsome’s arms and the demon gently laid the naked, bleeding body down to the green and black mottled floor.

“Can you blame me, Yazo?” Handsome said, stroking the vacant face. “The priests sent you to kill me. So maybe you should blame them, eh?”

The was silence in the dank cell.

“ Yazo?”

He slapped the human face a few times to be sure the assassin was dead.

Handsome shrugged and let the body fall to the ground with a sickening thump.

Conjuring a banana to his hand, he peeled it and bit off a mouthful.

“You weren’t that sexy anyway, baby,” he mumbled around the banana.

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