NaNaWriMo 2012 – Day 30

I haven’t written a damned thing today (except this). And I don’t plan to write anything for the rest of the day.


Because I finished my 50,000 words last night.

My girlfriend, Jessica, hovered over my shoulder, watching as the word ticker in Word slipped past 50,000 and kept going. I didn’t type “the end”, because this isn’t the end. The story continues, for at least another 50,000 pages or so. It’s tough writing a quality science fiction epic, and I’m not even really doing that. I’m creating a skeleton on which to build a quality science fiction epic, and I’m not finished. I’ve got the important scenes, the sketches of climactic battles, the shades of a massive world, but I have a long way to go. Now that the skeleton is two-thirds complete, I have a mountain of research to slog through, not only to validate the sketchy science I’m coming up with on the fly, but to build upon this idea of the evertale that I have in mind. I’ll have to tell you about it some other time.

I typed the last period, we uncorked a bottle of red wine, said a toast to me, and then sat on the couch watching Moon starring Sam Rockwell, which is a great example of how science fiction doesn’t have to be aliens, spaceships, and lasers.

So that’s another NaNoWriMo down. Last year at this time I still had 11,000 words to write. Next year, things will be different. I’ll be writing from scratch, not continuing a story I began the year before, because next year, my novel will be complete.

Here’s a last excerpt from the tail end of my writing yesterday:

The Mage stood among the flames for a long time, his jaw set, and his eyes vacant.

When the flames died and all that was left were the charred skeletons of the Pilgrims that had defied them, Pyros began the long walk back to the City of Light alone.

( P.S. – “Mage” and “Pilgrim” are placeholders for other words I haven’t finalized yet … more of that research.)

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