NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day 25

37,446 words down. I lost that slight edge i had, but I blame Thanksgiving. I’ve been busy since Wednesday with family stuff, but thank geekdom I have this fantastic girlfriend/partner/soulmate/lover/geek chick who stays on me.

My favorite recent bit:

“We are still Immortals, but Rajan sees a conflict coming. The side that wins will need to be the one that sees beyond the conflict.”

“I had no idea,” Eve replied in shock.

“Few Immortals do,” Yaso shrugged. “You are content. The Mages provide what you want. The City of Light is a city of luxuries, of happiness and freedom. Why worry about the future?”

Now it was Eve’s turn to stare silently into the flames.

“The Bear Clan has a rich mythology built up around this Bear God. Just as Carthos has constructed a believable mythology around the worship of Sol. The difference is that the Bear Clan looks to the future – they are not content. They worry for their children, and are intent on action now to prevent inaction later. They have a prophecy about the fall of the City of Light.”

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