NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day 20

Back on top of it, I’m at 31,645 words.

I have to say, I’m starting to get into this novel. The first 50,000 words that I wrote last year were extremely difficult. I had never written a story with one character before. It felt like I needed dialogue, but I knew I couldn’t fall into the whole “man-talks-to-himself-in-the-absence-of-others” cheat. My man knew nothing. No language, no social skills – he didn’t even know how to talk to himself.

I realize its a tough read to just follow one man surviving in the wilds, but I think I approached it correctly. It suggested that while the planet is Earth-like, there are subtle differences. And on top of that, my character has what I can only call “visions” at this point. He sees figures and diagrams superimposed over the landscape and over the other living creatures. Something in his mind is interpreting the patterns of life and presenting them in his head as some type of inner language, but the man can’t unlock it. I think this helped the flow. I think the reader wants to hang on long enough to figure out what it all means.

There was action, but it was sparse. He fought a wild animal here, struggled against nature there. But like I said, last year’s piece was tedious and difficult, and short of the 11,000 word day I had at the eleventh hour, I wouldn’t have completed it.

This year is so much different. The narrative jumps around to different groups of people, following different plot points as they slowly both coalesce and repel each other. Most of all, the action has just been flowing out of me. There’s at least four separate stories, and all of them are building towards a mid-novel climax, a false peak, if you will.

I see no reason why I won’t be able to nail 50,000 before November 30. But there’s still Turkey Day to fowl me up. Ha.

An Excerpt:

“Don’t you sleep?” Adam asked.

“Not while I’m guarding someone,” he replied. “I can see straight through my eyelids while I’m invisible. Simply cannot sleep that way.”

They went the long way around the palace and when other guards questioned them, Lothos told them he had allowed Adam to visit the gardens to view some of the night-blooming plants Udos had planted.

Once back in the palace, Lothos followed Adam into his room and shut the door behind him. “If it makes you feel any better, when it comes my turn to kill you, I’ll make it as swift and painless as possible. You won’t know I’m there.” He smirked.

Adam smiled politely before laying down heavily on the bed. When he looked back to see where Lothos had gone, no one appeared to be in his room. The door had not opened.

“I suppose you are still there,” Adam asked after several moments in the dark.

No one answered, but Adam was positive he could hear the Mage breathing from an unfurnished corner of the room.

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