NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day Ten

Only 11,000 in, I’m behind a bit. I did hit my usual stride today with 4,300 words written.

Since this is Part Two of the 50,000 word story I wrote last year, I’m having to do a lot of rereading to ensure continuity. As I am getting past this transitioning period, leading away from the focus of the first part and moving towards the mid-way point of the entire novel, the writing is getting easier. It’s all new, and I think and write faster than I read, think and write, if that makes sense.

My favorite bit today:

She stumbled over the branches she had gathered for extra fuel, and the wolf sprang. Her wild defense with the torch connected and the canine’s muzzle sizzled as the fur around its head burned. In pain, the wolf rubbed its face in the dirt and yelped.

It was the signal the Rakessa had been waiting for. From above, having been waiting in the trees all along, the feline predators fell upon the wounded canine and tore it apart quickly. It happened so suddenly that it took Eve’s breath away, and she backed away in fear.

Their competitor neutralized, the Rakessa turned to Eve and roared in unison. Eve screamed uncontrollably, and waited for doom to fall upon her in the form of sharp claws and wicked fangs.

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