Gone to Visit the In-Laws

Another short. I secretly enjoyed this one immensely

. I like applying a twist to my stories, but not unrealistic ones. It should be subtle – a flick of the wrist, a flourish of the blade. You twist effectively with a sentence, a word.

And it was all a dream? No. Seen it, read it, dreamed it.

And it was all a dodge – sleight of hand, a quarter out of your ear, it looks like magic. In reality, it is the art of distraction.


Gathering speed, Professor Travers ran down the long hill towards the crash site, his white lab coat billowing out behind him like a superhero’s cape.

Before him, a large plume of acrid smoke was already rising into the air. The chances of the crash being witnessed by humans in a 20-mile radius were high. As if in affirmation, sirens echoed over the rise, coming closer.

Travers skidded over the fiery ground marking the path of the vessel as it had come in for its disastrous landing. His soles melted and strung behind his steps like gum on a hot sidewalk. Behind him, Travers could see the blue and red lights strobing in shattered beams through the trees as the authorities made their way down the old dirt road nearby.

Travers screamed in agony as he grasped the hatch handle, but he knew he had to get the ship’s contents out and away from the authorities before they could investigate. Tearing his lab coat off, he wrapped it around his hands and pulled away the hatch. A burst of cold steam shot out around the lip of the hatch as he swung it back to reveal the mysterious contents.

The red and blue lights cleared the trees and began their final approach.

Waving away the smoke and steam, Travers finally laid eyes on the prize inside.

Grabbing his gagged and bound wife roughly, he hefted her from his crudely constructed rocket ship and ran for the forest with her kicking and screaming over his shoulder. He would have to start all over again.

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