Seeking an Artist

I’ve got a wealth of short fiction, mostly sci-fi, that I’d like to do something with – something more than just post here.

I work at a facility with printing capabilities, and I don’t mean laserjets and papercutters. We’re talking die-cutting, big press, digital press, and all the finishing you could want.

Occasionally, there are some small local art shows that I attend and I’ve always wondered how I could participate with my writing. Hey, writers are artists too. I’ve been asked to participate several times, but I just can’t come up with a way to do it other than handing out flash drives with my stories on them, or passing out business cards with my blog address.

So I’ve got an idea – a collaboration of sorts.

I’m not making money from it now , so its not like I can pay you (though I might be willing to donate some modest amount to your continuing projects), but I’m wondering if some artist out there would be interested in illustrating certain scenes from my works. Once I get enough, I’ll use the facilities here to produce some big posters, or print mounted to plexi for some big pieces to take around to art shows. Hey, it would get your art and my art out there.

Beyond that, I’d totally be willing to let you be in the anthology of short stories I eventually plan to self-publish.

At any point that this could possibly generate income for me, specifically the self-publication, I’m willing to split the profits fairly.

If you’re interested or want more information, email me at :

3 thoughts on “Seeking an Artist

  1. You might get a better response if you put this somewhere like DeviantArt. They have a section in their forums for job postings (people searching for artists or artists searching for work) and you might find someone there. That’s how I found the artist who does my commissions of Tanim and Daren.

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