A.K. Thorne

A.K. Thorne is my alter-ego, and The Reliquary is my alter-blog. I even cleverly use an inverted theme.

Consider him my Kilgore Trout, except that if you see him, he’s me, even though he talks to me in a nursing home in Central Texas.

Thorne is a project – an experiment. I don’t ask that you like what I do with him, I just ask that you don’t question why he exists, because I don’t have the answer.

Eventually, I will use the alter-blog to write opposing fiction to that which I eventually will post here. I may even throw in a few anti-rants for fun. Why? I get bored easily, even with a continuous stream of creativity pushing against my eyeballs from the inside.

I just recently wrapped up the first serial of my Doctor Who fan fiction there. Today in fact. If you’re interested, it started out as Sherlock Holmes fan fiction (fairly accurate in its tone and delivery if I do say so myself) but then … I got bored. What it is now is an adventure for the 11th Doctor alone (companions only appearing in the epilogue). It is a complete story in nine or so parts. You can also find it at Teaspoon and an Open Mind and fanfiction.net in its entirety. Red Right Hand, which is the next series in the larger story arc, is also in its incomplete form at those sites, and I’ll continue to post it under The Reliquary as I go along.

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