The Trick is Not Minding That It Hurts

I take a long weekend and come back to this, Freshly Pressed and pregnant with followers. Thanks WordPress!

And you can too, with Mutant Blue!

I’m happy that my spur of the moment rantings have been validated … however, I can’t help but admit that there’s a distinctly sour taste in my mouth. I appreciate the publicity, but in a way it hurts. I never blogged here to be heard, praised, or even occasionally challenged. I just write, and I’ve written much more than just the one post that got me here. So much for pathos.

So, let me tell you a little about me and what I’ve done and what you can expect me to do.

I’m 34. I have a good job. I have found my soulmate. I am happy.

I’m content with that – but I have the potential to do more. I want to do more.

I write … did I say that? I write things like this and this. Those are good places to see me in my writing.

I also write science fiction – mostly shorts, but I do have the prerequisite in-progress novel that affords me membership into the Unpublished Club that has so many members.

I dig epic. I mean epic like Marvel, and Tolkien, and Herbert, and Doctor Who; not epic like you want it all but you can’t have it. That’s true though, you should probably write that down.

Geek is not a good word for me. I prefer “human”.

I also prefer “Earthling” as opposed to “American”, but c’est la vie. My family’s been here on American soil before it was American soil, since at least 1730 or thereabouts. Halifax, North Carolina. Check that town out, it has historical significance in regards to the American Revolution. I don’t know which side my family was on, but I can make a guess. Just another example of contentment impeding the progress of the human race … sorry. I’ll stop bludgeoning with my futurist stick.

I don’t involve myself with politics. Neither Right nor Left is Forward, and the progressive party will soon be stagnant tomorrow. A Futurist Party is about a century away, but I’m only concerned with the now because I’m a doer -cough- not a thinker.

I cough when I tell lies. -cough-

Maybe if everyone coughed when they told lies the cough syrup companies would get rich instead of telling us not to lie.  … oops, there’s that stick again. I’ll put it away.

I have another blog here. It’s a project blog and I refuse to claim that it will make any sense to anyone but me, but I have posted some fiction there if you are interested. At one time, all my fiction was there, but I started submitting a good deal of it to publications, so I took it all down. As I get rejected, I’ll end up posting the rejects here for your enjoyment. P.S. please do not search for A.K. Thorne, he doesn’t like you. I like you though, and I don’t have the death sentence on twelve systems … just two, thanks.

What you can expect here is sarcasm and dry wit as it pleases thee. I was always more Marx Bros than Three Stooges, and way more Wodehouse than McGill. I read as much, if not more, than I write. One day, I’ll tell you about my Book Queue, the world’s most inefficient and unsatisfying method of exposure to all genres of literature ever devised. I invented it.

Please, enjoy. And if the tickle ill befits the itch, there are always SIXTY HORSES WEDGED IN A CHIMNEY.

6 thoughts on “The Trick is Not Minding That It Hurts

  1. You know what, I also prefer earthling, but this time to British!

    I love science fiction its an under rated genre. I tried writing a sci fi novel once, it was rubbish (truly). Good luck with your writings.

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