Minecraft – Therapy Cubed

I don’t play a lot of video games. I didn’t like Halo, I’ve never played Gears of War, Call of Duty doesn’t interest me. WoW was fun for a few months, but I don’t play well with others. I do love me some Legos though – and that’s probably a contributing factor to my Minecraft addiction.

Now I’ve seen some insanely imaginative creations in Minecraft, mind-boggling sculptures and architecture that put even real monuments to shame – but that’s easy to do in creative mode, right?

What you don’t see behind my Tower Gate in progress is my work area. I’ve got two quarries, three breeding pens, a small garden, a watchtower complete with enchanting room, nether portal, and laboratory. The pyramid you see sits over my first quarry named “Link” and just beyond it is my “Reaper” quarry, which is nearing bedrock. It’s one thing to have an infinite number of resources at your fingertips to build whatever you want – but everything I’ve built in this world, I’ve had to mine, smelt, assemble, and plan.

It’s therapy.

I’m no Minecraft master. Video games were never about “winning” for me – they’re about escaping inward. I’ll never see The End, but I’ll finish my Tower Gate, and the massive metropolis that it will serve as an entrance to.


Because I can.

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