Disaster Strikes Thrice (because I don’t know the -iceish word for twelve things)

Everything happens at once.

Jess gets pneumonia, then I get an upper respiratory infection. Jess’s Sentra’s “Check Engine” light comes on, my xA starts making funny sounds. Gatsby has a spat of vomiting on the hardwood floor, Dakota has a tummy ache. The refrigerator starts leaking all over the kitchen, our AHS is lapsing due to our displeasure with their service. It’s 100 degrees. Mosquitoes are carrying infectious disease and planes are spraying insecticide overhead. Jess is out of vacation, I don’t get paid for the time off I had to take.

Don’t panic.

Antibiotics, cough medicine. New car, new battery. Toilet paper goes up high, food is removed from the kitchen counter. Bad filter is removed from the fridge, AHS can kiss my renaissance-manly ass. A cold front is coming. Spraying is done. We have our weekends, and I just received a raise.

And I still don’t feel old.

And I know exactly where my towel is.


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