Writing Project – Day Three

I’m a couple of days behind, but I have plenty of time to catch up.

Day Three – I wrote 1,694 words, but took out about 2,000 words from what I had written previously to the project. It was necessary considering the direction I need to take this second part. It’s slow going getting back into the flow of the story, but there’s some action coming up and a return to characters the reader is familiar with, so less time detailing new characters and more time progressing the plot.

First Sentence written Today: As the first rays of sunlight cut lines of shadows on the walls and streets of the City of Light, the sounds of the Palace Market grew from a low hum to an echoing roar.

Last Paragraph Written Today: “I know you’ve had a difficult time, Tobias, and I’d like to give you something,” Ethan said with a loud voice, obviously advertising his philanthropy to any patron within earshot. “It’s a defective piece, but perhaps its discordant song will remind you that things could be worse.”

Also, knowing where this piece is going, I’ve changed the title from “This Wretched Orb” to “The City of Light”. The first part of the novel that has already been written will be titled “This Wretched Orb” and Part Two is titled “Immortality”.

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